Volunteer for SCORE

  Make SCORE Your First Choice in Volunteerism!

Do you have experience as a small business owner or as a business executive?

SCORE is made up of volunteers from all business backgrounds coming together as a team to complete a common goal: to help small businesses succeed.

We are always looking for community-conscious individuals who enjoy learning, problem-solving business challenges and sharing their knowledge with emerging and in-business entrepreneurs.

Nationwide over 12,000 men and women, retired and working, donate their time and talent to assist America’s entrepreneurs. At over 389 SCORE offices, volunteers provide confidential one-to-one and team business counseling and low-cost entrepreneurial training workshops and siminars. In addition, many counselors are virtual volunteers, providing email counseling directly from their homes or offices.

As a SCORE volunteer, you will:

  • Be a leader in the effort to provide real-world assistance to small businesses.
  • Gain fulfillment by sharing your business expereince and expertise with a new generation of enterpreneurs.
  • Build relationships with local business leaders to provide economic growth and em ployment opportunities in the local area.
  • Connect with entrepreneurs through counseling, or share your knowledge at SCORE’s entrepreneurial training workshops.