BJ’s Medical Billing Service

BJ’s Medical Billing Service
3131 E Grand River Ave
Portland, MI 48875-9635
(517) 647-2082 (Office)
(517) 647-0610 (Fax)
·         Hiring additional personnel
·         Finance
·         Inventory
·         Management
·         Industry trends
·         Marketing
Ruth Den Herder relocated to Michigan, with a background in teaching.  She requested help managing and understanding her Father’s business, while they managed a serious medical situation.  Over the period of eight months SCORE assisted in an education process and offered advice on a range of topics including hiring, finance, inventory, management, industry trends and marketing.  They did not shy away from the difficult questions that must be raised when the president of the company has a life threatening illness.  SCORE helped us to avoid potential pitfalls, kept us focused on the most relevant tasks and information.  They introduced us to excellent professionals in the area and have helped us to set the stage for continued growth in the company.  With the help of SCORE, Marceco Ltd. has experienced top line growth of over 30% since April we are well positioned and enthusiastic about the possibilities for the future.